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September 2021

MyCEB Pleas to the Government to Reopen the Business Events Industry

By | 2021

The covid-19 cases in Malaysia, is in a downward trend with Malaysians who are vaccinated are on the increase. At the same time, many enterprises in the business sector are now allowed, to reopen which goes well with the economic recovery of the country.

In this context, the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau has pleaded with the Malaysian government to reopen the fully vaccinated business events industry soonest possible.

Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, chief executive officer of MyCEB stated that it is, crucial that the government understand that business events, can operate safely and responsibly under strict standard operating procedures, and should be categorised as business activity.

He further emphasised the importance of, business events industry in contributing to economic recovery and affirms, the government’s confidence that the sector can operate safely through a controlled, regulated, and secure environment for the commencement of business events.

According to the chief executive officer, the last few months has seen the business events industry in the country, rising to the occasion as front liners where around 20 purposed-built convention centers around the country, have served the nation as mega vaccination centers. This includes he said, hundreds of business events volunteers helping millions of Malaysians to get their vaccine doses.

The chief executive officer concluded the plea with: “We do hope that the Malaysian government takes this distinction into account moving forward. Business events industry must be reopened without further delay, as Malaysia’s business events venues and facilities offer controlled environments which will ensure successful and safe events. MyCEB is ready and prepared to take the lead in working with the industry in implementing the gradual reopening of the fully vaccinated business events industry with the necessary precautions in place.”

Since the pandemic, Malaysia has recorded 57 postponement and 66 cancellations of international events. Despite the challenging times, MyCEB has continued to work with stakeholders in bidding for international events of which, 164 business events have been secured for 2022 to 2030.




Cambodia Hosts ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in 2022

By | 2021

The event which originally was to take place early this year is rescheduled, to January 16 to 22 of 2022.  Initially the venue was Phom Penh the capital city is now relocated, to Sihanoukville.

Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism has confirmed the date of the annual event in the country, and the move to the coastal city of Sihanoukville as the venue for the event.

Expected to attend are some 2,000 participants from over 25 countries on the theme for the ATF 2020:  ‘ASEAN – A Community of Peace and Shared Future’.

ATF is considered to be a significant annual tourism promotional event among member countries of ASEAN.  It’s hosted on a rotational basis allowing all ASEAN member countries the opportunity, to organise the event in their home country.

Generally, the fair is made up of several high-level events which include a meeting of ASEAN tourism ministers, national tourism organisations, press briefings, tourism conferences and the popular Travel Exchange (TRAVEX) trade fair.

TRAVEX is the largest ASEAN tourism business platform in the region and more than 450 sellers and buyers and the international media are expected to make an appearance at the event next year.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is fully Powered by 5G Network

By | 2021

The venue now boosts total 5G coverage spanning event spaces, restaurants to backstage area and facility users can now have simultaneous access, to data-intensive applications and content. The 5G network infrastructure will empower exhibitors to integrate physical and online marketing and sales efforts to a more stable and better real-time live-streaming of events. It also includes the application of new technologies such as, hologram and augmented reality in engagement with visitors and streaming of high-definition videos to visitors’ mobile devices.

Marking a new page in the venue’s installation of the 5G infrastructure is the introduction of a “futuristic staff member” to the HKCEC team – Captain C a 5G smart robot who recently, completed its apprenticeship, as a security captain at the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival


Captain C combines 5G network and artificial intelligence technologies. It is equipped with a 360-degree 4K high-definition surveillance camera, infrared detection camera, and a sensor system for detecting smoke and fire. While its role at the venue is versatile, it can implement crowd management and at the same, undertake pandemic prevention measures through broadcast of social distancing reminders.

Capital C  HKCEC’s first 5G smart security robot.

When a person exhibits a high body temperature, or does not wear a mask, Captain C, will instantly transmit real-time images to the security control room so that appropriate follow-up actions can be taken.

The five-year advancement project to upgrade and refurbish HKCEC’s facilities began in 2019, and over several stages. The introduction of Captain C is a benefit of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region government’s subsidy scheme for encouraging early deployment of 5G, to improve operational efficiency.

Asia Convention Alliance Signing of Memorandum of Understanding among Founding Members

By | 2021

Live from Bangkok, Thailand on September 2 from 2.30pm, the ceremony witnessed the Asia Convention Alliance’s founding members: TCEB, TICA, Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MYCEB), Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) join forces in signing a series of bilateral MoUs that will mark the establishment of Asia Convention Alliance.

The parties involved signed on September 2, three Memorandums of Understanding:  Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Seoul Tourism Organization (STO); TCEB and Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB); and between Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, president of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau stated: “The idea of TCEB and TICA to form the alliance with our Asian counterparts was initiated in December 2020, when we foresaw that the convention market in Asia is most promising and expected to be on the real verge of recovery sooner, due to preceding readiness for short-haul travel and economic stimulus policies of the governments in the region.

Mr. Sumate Sudasna, president of Thailand Incentive and Convention Association said,  “We are ready to share our resources and market expertise with every member of the Asia Convention Alliance. Together, we can give Asia’s convention industry a deserving reboot.”

Mr. Ki Yon Kil, president and CEO of Seoul Tourism Organization mentioned “We expect the MoU with TCEB in building further collaboration and cooperation among Asian cities will serve as an important step toward the recovery of the business events industry amidst the difficult time.”

Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, chief executive officer of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau commented ” We are committed to strengthening cooperation with the alliance. MyCEB aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and rebuild the business events industry in the region.”

Ms. Leonor F. M. Lin, president and chief executive officer of Taiwan External Trade Development Council expressed: “During the trying times of the covid-19 pandemic, TAITRA is certain that this cooperation is greatly beneficial to the MICE industry in Asia and brings together the best for the MICE industry around the world.”





Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Partners with Australia’s Food Rescue Organisation OzHarvest

By | 2021

“Globally, one third of all edible food produced is thrown in the bin, and with one in every nine Australian unsure where their next meal is coming from, OzHarvest and their goals are relevant to all of us as a community,” said chief executive of MCEC Peter King.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is supporting OzHarvest in their commitment to fight food waste through food rescue, education programmes and sustainability work.

The venue’s contribution will be through ongoing food donations, resources and service provision with workplace giving, fundraising and advocacy programmes.

MCEC will also provide a commercial kitchen space to OzHarvest for the food rescue organisation’s ‘Cooking for a Cause’ Programme for three days in a week. Participants can learn from OzHarvest chefs zero-waste cooking skills and how to, transform rescued ingredients, into gourmet meals, ready for distribution to communities in need of food.

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation with the driving purpose, to ‘Nourish Our Country’. In Melbourne, it has diverted over six million kilogrammes of quality food from landfill to people in the state of Victoria.

It also run education programmes to create positive change through its Nutrition Education Skills (NES) training of educating adults, to cook healthy meals on a budget; and Food Waste Education (FEAST) where, curriculum on food waste and sustainability are included in primary schools.

Each year in Australia, food waste costs AUD20 billion, while five million people experience food insecurity.


To find out more about rescuing food from events, you can go to