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October 2021

MyCEB Forges a Collaboration with BESarawak Considered to be of a Major Significance in the Business Events Industry in Malaysia

By | 2021

The collaboration was established during a road show ’Meet in Malaysia @ Sarawak’ held in Kuching in conjunction with the launch of the city, as a member of the Hybrid City Alliance.

‘Meet in Malaysia’ campaign is MyCEB’s brainchild to captivate engagement with the national business events industry and powering its move to support recovery efforts.

While the inclusion of Kuching in the Alliance is expected, to create, new value proposition for business events planners in Sarawak, and increase Sarawak’s destination appeal.

Joining the Hybrid City Alliance is also said to be a strong point for Sarawak government’s Post Covid Development Strategy 2030 which identify digital transformation as a means, to expedite economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

To date, Sarawak has secured 105 business events worth approximately RM332.1 million in total economic impact of which RM20 million in tax revenue and 26,354 jobs.

Since 2010 until 2020, MyCEB has supported 86 events for Sarawak, bringing in over 40,000 delegates which have contributed RM457.0 million in estimated economic impact. Under the ‘Meet in Malaysia’ campaign since its launch on  July 24 last year, the campaign has supported four events that will be held in Sarawak, expecting 2,600 delegates and contributing to RM26.9 million in estimated economic impact

MyCEB became a member of the Hybrid City Alliance in December 2020which it intends, through the partnership, offer solutions for national and international events taking place across cities in the country.

Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre Re-Opens its Facilities

By | 2021

In a press release issued by the corporate communications department of the venue stated that; the recommence of the business events sector in the country bodes well, for the small medium enterprises and Malaysian businesses in general. In 2019 the business events sector alone recorded RM9.2 billion in revenue of the national economy.

The acting chief executive officer of MITEC, Ms. Mala Dorasamy welcomed the re-opening of business events and the venue look forward to the return of all conferences and exhibitions. MITEC she mentioned has, contributed in strengthening small and medium enterprises in the country – significantly contributed to job creation with more than 841,000 gig worker labour hours – as well as jobs for over 100,000 people since the inception of centre.

According to the acting chief executive officer, collaboration is key to the recovery of business and MITEC, has worked with the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to convert the venue, as a mega vaccination centre handling over 12,000 people for vaccination a day.

At the same time, MITEC successfully collaborated with the international trade industry to operate as an industrial vaccination centre under a public-private partnership.

It has also partnered with the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau for the ‘Lets Meet tomorrow’ and ‘Let’s Meet Locally’ campaigns.  Both campaigns are aimed at stimulating the domestic business events industry and to encourage new domestic events in Malaysia.

On the road to recovery, Malaysia has now permitted domestic travel to revive travel and tourism within the country. It is expected that the country will reinstate overseas travel by end of the year.

AI Expo Exhibition and Conference on Artificial Intelligence Takes Place in Two Editions in 2022

By | 2021

The inauguration of the event is set to be held in Thailand from July 5 to 6 and in Philippines on October 25 to 26 will bring together, local and international businesses to create a platform, for businesses to explore opportunities, in the AI industry of Asia’s emerging markets.

Two of the editions will be presided over by Singapore Industrial and Automation Association and organised by LOD Events.

“We have chosen to organise AI Asia Expo to be in the epic centre of the digital transformation in ASEAN. We have chosen Thailand and Philippines because of the size of their population, the increasing funding for digital transformation and the initiatives that their government is driving,” remarked Mr. Alex Lin, director of LOD Events.

Thailand according to Mr Terence Teo,  president of SIAA has seen tremendous growth in its technology sector in recent years. Thailand’s objectives for the tech sector are based around its initiatives such as SMART Thailand, Thailand 4.0 model and the Eastern Economic Corridor. The initiatives are looking to propel Thailand into a regional hub status, moving aggressively towards positioning AI applications to drive sustainable business growth.

Meanwhile, in Philippines the government is driving digitisation and infrastructure development through the implementation of their AI Roadmap. Key sectors of focus include smart manufacturing, healthcare services, smart agriculture, autonomous vehicles, RPA and BPO – these are the key areas that would see immense opportunities in the application of AI. The Philippines market with the push from its government is an upcoming AI market in Asia.

The expo will feature: hybrid showcases for the exhibition; networking and collaboration zones for businesses to meet and explore opportunities together; conferences for thought leadership sharing; and AI Asia start-up competition that would gather the best ideas in artificial intelligence.


For more information about AI Asia Expo go to

Osaka is Inspiring Event Organisers to hold Events in the City with its New Marketing Promotions

By | 2021

The city has already begun gearing up itself as a destination for meetings and events with Osaka scheduled to host the World Expo in 2025.  Currently the World Expo is well underway in Dubai.

A new MICE promotional video was created by Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau to showcase Osaka’s vibrant and fun-loving appeal. You can take a look at the videos here: Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau MICE YouTube Channel Full version: 60 sec. version:


The bureau has also design a brand-new meeting and event planning brochure for event planners who are considering Osaka as their next host destination. Available in Japanese and English, the brochure caters to meeting planners worldwide with information relevant in their destination and venue search.

Featured in both the promotional items is the Osaka MICE slogan of ‘Wow with WaO’ which is meant to evoke the collaborative spirit people, friendliness, warmth and fun sense of humour that defines Osaka and its people.

For Osaka’s latest meeting and event planning brochure, you view can it at:

Osaka is a port city and is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan.
Image by Osaka MICE.

Full Recovery of Hong Kong’s Exhibition Industry Depends on the Reopening of International Events

By | 2021

The management company of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre HML has announced from July 14 to August 31 this year, a total of 25 physical exhibitions were held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with over 1.29 million in attendance.

HML attributed the success of the events to effective covid-19 preventative measures, and the flexibility of rescheduling events.

All recurrent public exhibitions at the HKCEC were either cancelled or postponed due to the impact of the third wave of covid-19 in Hong Kong over the same period in 2020 – impacting the city’s exhibition industry.

The improved covid-19 situation in Hong Kong, and HML’s adherence to strict anti-covid protocol however, have led to renewed confidence among organisers in holding physical exhibitions in Hong Kong.

“HML has adopted a series of stringent preventative measures, introduced new technology and maintained close communication with event   organisers and made all preparations, for the return of various international activities with a view to injecting impetus to the local economy,” said Ms. Monica Lee-Müller, managing director of HML

HML and organisers in Hong Kong, co-operated closely, to host exhibitions despite the pandemic.  The 25 exhibitions included 17 local public exhibitions, seven public and trade fairs with themes that include: books; sports and leisure; comics and animation; food, education; household appliances; baby products; wedding products; wine and jewellery.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is Malaysia’s First SafeBE Certified Venue

By | 2021

A safety programme initiated and supported by the Business Events Council Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers and Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau and the hygiene and safety label issued by Bureau Veritas.

The safe business events certification awarded to the Centre, addresses the risks specific to the Centre and train teams, on hygiene good practices together with protective measures, are properly set-up and implemented at the Centre.

To receive the accreditation, the Centre was assessed on its processes, facilities and people. This was based on correct implementation of quality standards, equipment, tools, team knowledge, training and expertise, in order to ensure the venue’s compliance with the assessors’ stringent criteria and ability, to operate safely in the new norm.

 “We want every step of the event organiser and visitor journey to instil trust and assurance in our venue, team and the destination. This is part of our broader strategy for business recovery and continuity, as well as our mission to increase public and business confidence in the international standards of venue operations in Malaysia,” said Mr. Alan Pryor, the Centre’s general manager.

The general manager further added that it is highly recommended that other venues in the country, to undertake this certification programme, which, will help elevate the country’s profile as a safe destination and value proposition for business events.

Expo Dubai 2020 Opens with Star-Studded Ceremony, Fireworks and Live Streaming

By | 2021

The opening ceremony took place on Thursday, September 30 and was streamlined live to more than 430 locations across the United Arab Emirates, and on screens in New York Times Square.

City dwellers in New York were able to watch Expo 2020 Dubai’s spectacular opening ceremony with the event shown live on over sized screens at Times Square.

Both the 37-metre-high Nasdaq screen and the Thomson Reuters display that spans 23 storeys, with seven separate screens, showed the opening ceremony for one hour from 2030-2130 Gulf Standard Time Zone, which is just after midday in New York.

This was followed at the site of the event with spectacular fireworks displays seen in Dubai – marking the first full day of the Expo in visual celebration commemorating, the journey from winning the bid in 2013 – to opening the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

Audiences were treated to performances from: world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli; Grammy-nominated, Golden-Globe-winning actress, singer and songwriter Andra Day; platinum-selling British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding; international mega-star pianist Lang Lang; and four-time Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo.

The Opening Ceremony took place at Expo 2020’s Al Wasl Plaza dome, which is the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface, measuring 130 metres wide and 60 metres high.

Considered to be the largest global event held since the start of the pandemic, the Expo Dubai 2020 was postponed by a year due to the outbreak of covid-19. It was eight years in the planning.  The six–month long extravaganza expects to draw visitors worldwide to Dubai.


Images by Dubai Expo 2020.

Haneda Airport maintains its Status as the World’s Cleanest Airport in 2021

By | 2021

Tokyo Haneda Airport is ranked first as the World’s Cleanest Airport with Changi Airport Singapore in second place and Tokyo Narita Airport third.

The cleanliness award is evaluated based on customer assessment and perception of an airport’s cleanliness standards, including seating, washrooms, food and beverage outlets, and terminal areas.

Mr. Isao Takashiro, chairman and chief executive officer of Japan Airport Terminal Co Ltd stated that: as a hub airport with a dynamic domestic and international route network, Haneda Airport plays an important role in Japan.

He further mentioned, although steps are in place around the world to restrict movement because of the covid-19 pandemic, Team HANEDA look forward to a rapid end to the prevailing situation, and remain committed to the safety of its customers by providing facilities and services that are second to none in convenience, comfort and functionality.

At the same time SKYTRAX, the international rating organization for air transport facilities and services, has also announced at the 2021 World Airport Awards that Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) was voted the second-Best Airport in the World. In addition, Haneda has also been named the Best Airport in Asia, the World’s Best Domestic Airport, and the Best Airport for Passengers with Restricted Mobility and Accessible Facilities.

In the meantime, the Japanese government has announced that the state of emergency in the country will be lifted from October 1. The government will start its pandemic exit strategy to ease restrictions on travel, dining, and public events for vaccinated people.

It would begin on an experimental basis from October and become fully operational in November. Currently, events are limited to half the venue capacity and up to 10,000 attendees, whichever figure is lower.

Vaccination is rapidly proceeding in Tokyo, where 68.4 percent of the population received at least one dose, and 58.5 percent are fully vaccinated.