A Diverse Airline Capacity will be Critical to Australia’s Tourism Future

Press Room > 2020

Australia needs a diverse, competitive and sustainable airline environment in order to return tourism to its successful place in the Australian economy says the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).

“The entire tourism industry has ground to a halt and that’s affected close to one million industry jobs across Australia, many in regional communities.

While international visitor arrivals are some time away, the industry is holding its breath and waiting for the day Australian’s can start to travel domestically. Without affordable and accessible domestic air routes tourism’s hopes for recovery will be bleak,” said ATEC’s managing director Peter Shelley.

He further stated that domestic and international tourism in Australia combined, delivered AUD 146 billion to the economy last year and the loss of one of its major airlines, will have catastrophic flow-on impacts that will ultimately see the international tourism capacity of the country damaged.

After the bushfires, floods and pandemic, Australian tourism according to Shelley, needs a break. He added to be hit with another huge setback will severely impact the industry’s road to recovery, especially for regional Australia where air access is the lifeblood of the tourism industry.