Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019 at ICONSIAM

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Tourism Authority of Thailand and ICONSiam has collaborated to organise a New Year celebration in a scale never seen before. Together with other partners, have mapped out a plan to make the upcoming event a grand New Year celebration on December 31 from 6.00 pm where the venue will be at the River Park of ICONSIAM along the Chao Phraya in Bangkok.

The theme of the event by the riverside  “The River of Prosperity” will highlight eco-friendly firework displays covering a distance of over 1,400 metres.  It’ll be the first display ever in Thailand where, a total of one million people within the vicinity of two kilometers are expected to attend. There will also be entertainment activities of artists from both local and overseas.

Fireworks made from Thai sticker rice demonstrates the history of the Chao Phraya River pertaining to the Thai way of life, tradition and legends of Siam as a country. This five-minute fireworks display is composed of five acts:  Act 1 The River of Prosperity a display in silver, gold, and bronze colours held together consecutively; Act 2 The Siam Treasure of multiple shapes and colours; Act 3 The Blossom of Joy accompanied by Thai folk songs; Act 4 One World represents the flags of all countries; and Act 5 Thailand of the tricolours of the Thai flag.

Thai culture will be showcased at the event with a magnificent show of ‘Khon’ that is culturally grand and elegant recognised as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Throughout the years, this show has impressed a great number of tourists in Thailand.