An Evening of Māori Culture in Kuala Lumpur

Press Room > 2014

A cocktail reception was organised by Tourism New Zealand at the New Zealand High Commissioner’s residence in Kuala Lumpur, to introduce tourism products from the country, and promote Māori arts and crafts.

Mischa Mannix-Opie, Tourism New Zealand’s Regional Manager for South and South East Asia began the evening with an introduction of some exciting destinations in the country, while Karl Johnstone, Director of New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute spoke about the customary art forms of the Māoris. Also known as Te Puia, the institute has nurtured and trained artists in carving, weaving and other skills including the kappa haka which is the Māori performing arts.

Guests for the evening, had the opportunity to watch an enchanting dance performance by a group from the Institute, and was later served a sumptuous buffet dinner.