Business Events Sarawak has a New Chief Executive Officer

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Ms. Amelia Roziman has been appointed the chief executive officer of Business Events Sarawak starting from August 1. She will lead Malaysia’s first convention bureau, which was formed in Sarawak in 2006.

Regarding Ms. Roziman’s background in the industry, she has more than 20 years of experience in branding and marketing with 15 years in business events.  She is also, one of the pioneer team members of BESarawak where, she began her career as a sales coordinator for the convention bureau.

“It is such an honour to be able to serve and work with a dynamic team in BESarawak,” said the new chief executive officer. Ms. Roziman added: she is thankful for the support and guidance from her team, family, former chief executive officers and board members, including the local, national and international industry and it’s stakeholders.

The new chief executive officer will continue with BESarawak’s approach of aligning itself with the government’s aspirations of developing the community, society, trade and investment from business events through to its ‘Legacy Impact’. Sarawak’s post covid-19 ten year Development Strategy 2030 places business events as an economic thrust to promote prosperity, social inclusivity and environmental sustainability.

While convention planners in Sarawak are guided in their strategic actions by the ‘Legacy Impact’ for their long term legacy goals.