Business Events Sarawak Wins Los Angeles Film Awards under ‘Honourable Mention for Commercials’ Category

Press Room > 2021

This is the first international film win for the Malaysian business events industry produced by Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) as part of its Tribe Legacy Sarawak marketing campaign. The short film of which the category fell under was entitled: ‘Sarawak – New Normal in Business Events’.

The award winning short film opens with a traditional Iban headhunter chasing down an international delegate through a rainforest. What seems to be a dangerous encounter is, in fact, a figment of the delegate’s imagination as he gets his temperature scanned at the conference venue, among other protocol procedures.

While the film targets a specific audience, the storyline is widely applauded by the local community for its creative and rather humorous demonstration of covid-19 precautionary measures – making it relatable to an audience outside of the business events industry.

Sarawak’s creative flare is no stranger to the Los Angeles Film Awards panel musician Alena Murang and production house Sarawak Eye, also bagged awards at this year’s LAFA.

You can watch the award winning short film on BESarawak’s Youtube Channel – BESarawak  at