Entries for Anak Sarawak Award is Now Open

Press Room > 2022

This will be the 10th edition and the theme for the award is ‘Reawakening the Spirit in the Rainforest’. Five categories are now open for submissions comprising of: Young Leader Award; Business Events Award; Outstanding Achievement Award; Journalism Award and Sarawak Legacy Award, the newest category to join the ranks.

Winners for each category will receive, a maximum claimable of RM10,000 to attend any business event in their field of interest anywhere in the world.

Anak Sarawak Awards is open to all business event planners from Malaysia and overseas who have organised events in Sarawak and also to registered BEPartners and national and international media.

The award ceremony will be held on November 29 in conjunction with BESarawak’s annual signature convention, TriBE Assembly.

For  more information, please visit: https://businesseventssarawak.com/award-and-education/tribe-honour/