Falling Leaves at Hokkaido University in Saporro City

Press Room > 2019

One of Japan’s leading universities, the Hokkaido University is not only an institute of higher learning, but also known for its ginkgo tree lined avenue.  Visitors from all over the world come to walk along the road of rows of these trees to admire the autumn foliage.

The university commonly known as Hokudai is located in the city centre and near to the Sapporo Station.  A vast site, the campus ground includes several school buildings and forests covering about 660 per square kilometres which are used for research.

Part of the university grounds resembles a national park with huge trees, and are open to the public.  In spring there will be colourful cherry blossoms – fresh green plants and blue skies in summer – ginkgo trees with falling leaves in autumn – and in winter, you can enjoy the snow.