Full Recovery of Hong Kong’s Exhibition Industry Depends on the Reopening of International Events

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The management company of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre HML has announced from July 14 to August 31 this year, a total of 25 physical exhibitions were held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with over 1.29 million in attendance.

HML attributed the success of the events to effective covid-19 preventative measures, and the flexibility of rescheduling events.

All recurrent public exhibitions at the HKCEC were either cancelled or postponed due to the impact of the third wave of covid-19 in Hong Kong over the same period in 2020 – impacting the city’s exhibition industry.

The improved covid-19 situation in Hong Kong, and HML’s adherence to strict anti-covid protocol however, have led to renewed confidence among organisers in holding physical exhibitions in Hong Kong.

“HML has adopted a series of stringent preventative measures, introduced new technology and maintained close communication with event   organisers and made all preparations, for the return of various international activities with a view to injecting impetus to the local economy,” said Ms. Monica Lee-Müller, managing director of HML

HML and organisers in Hong Kong, co-operated closely, to host exhibitions despite the pandemic.  The 25 exhibitions included 17 local public exhibitions, seven public and trade fairs with themes that include: books; sports and leisure; comics and animation; food, education; household appliances; baby products; wedding products; wine and jewellery.