Greater Bogota Convention Bureau (GBCB) Presents its First Trimester Report – Results are Both Positive and Encouraging for the Events Industry in Bogota

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As a part of its commercial strategy in 2020, the GBCB identified 112 event opportunities: presented 18 bids; and confirmed 12 events for Bogota.

Among the 12 events, three took place from January to March 2020, before the Colombian government declared a sanitary emergency. “In fact, within the first three months of the year, we welcomed 19 international clients from Europe, United States and Latin America, who we accompanied on seven site visits where we featured the city’s attractive offer to carry out their events in the coming years.” declared Liliana Orbegozo, executive director of Greater Bogota Convention Bureau.

The bureau has 95 members with five new additions consolidated in the first trimester who, operate in different economic sectors and contribute to the events industry.

Liliana Orbegozo, Executive Director of Greater Bogota Convention Bureau.

In the context of the crisis set forth by the COVID-19 emergency, the bureau conducted a survey to measure the impact on its members. Among the 42 responses, the results showed 533 canceled events, while 347 were postponed. These represent more than USD 12.5 million in losses.

“Faced with this situation, we decided to support our members by providing the option to freeze membership fees for two months. Likewise, we developed a communication strategy to keep them informed on the latest aid and benefit programs for the industry, offered by the local and national government. The strategy included an effort to strengthen their online channels, enhancing their visibility through our social media,” added the executive director.

The executive director also offers reassurance to the industry while honouring the difficult times ahead. She mentioned the Greater Bogota Convention Bureau has always looked towards the future, targeting high-impact events for the next few years. As long as the bureau continues to do so stated the executive director, the MICE industry in Bogota will resume to grow and develop.

In the meantime, the Greater Bogota Convention Bureau will go on to play a fundamental part in the industry’s recovery while keeping in mind that the estimated time of reactivation for international tourism is between the end of the year, and the beginning of 2021.

Within the first trimester’s report there are nine events won for Bogota, which will take place starting in 2021 and will bring, more than 19,000 foreign participants to the city with 22 events to be confirmed, which are expected to bring more than 27,000 foreign visitors to the city.

Considering this, the bureau will contribute to mitigate the economic impact of the current situation between 2021 and 2027. The GBCB has worked hand-in-hand with the District Institute of Tourism (IDT) towards a recovery strategy of the tourism industry in the city.  The IDT’s initiative is focused on aiding the recovery of the MICE industry.

According to the IDT, once the Covid-19 emergency is over, the city would have a negative economic impact of more than USD 52 million for the meetings and entertainment industry.