ICCA 59th Congress Regional Hub Sarawak will Leave a Legacy of the Culture and History of its People

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As the Asia Pacific Regional hub for the 59th International Convention and Congress Association (ICCA) Congress, Sarawak has chosen to focus on the impact of the heritage of its people and their rich and diverse history for the education agenda.  This according to the acting chief executive officer of Business Events Sarawak, Amelia Roziman is in line with the congress’s theme of ‘Tribe Legacy ICCA’ of legacies left behind from ICCA congress events.

Sarawak born musician and creative artist, Alena Murang who is of Dayak Kelabit and English-Italian ancestry, has been selected as the keynote speaker. Her session will be on ‘Sarawak Tribal Wisdom’, which has been uniquely crafted to inspire delegates to learn and garner knowledge of tribal values which can be applied to today’s business world.

The multi-talented Alena, has been at the forefront of telling culturally rich stories of the indigenous communities of Sarawak through her music and art. She sees herself as the keeper of stories, as her songs, are oral histories learnt from her elderly relatives of the Kelabit tribe

Musician and story teller Alena Murang, an icon of Sarawak with the sape, a traditional musical instrument.

Being the first female professional sape player and teacher, she draws influence from the genres of the world ranging from rock to folk music combined with her interpretation of traditional indigenous music and songs.

She has performed at numerous festivals and featured in various media worldwide. Alena is also a motivational speaker inspiring her audience in her journey in making cultural heritage and its value of togetherness, and caring for the earth relevant and prominent in today’s urban world.

The hybrid regional hub congress will take place on-site at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) with live-streamed programmes from ICCA’s world congress in Kaohsiung, Taipei from November 1st to 4th.

You can get more information on the event at https://events.iccaworld.org/congress2020-kuching-hub/host-destination