ITB China Travel Trends Report: China’s Travel Market and Consumer Confidence Steadily Recovering

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Travel is still, to be, one of the preferred leisure activities among Chinese consumers with the gradual mitigation of the pandemic outbreak. Chinese willing to travel according to report by ITB China, is rising every day

In the survey conducted by the report, over 90 percent of the respondents believe travel to be still one of the preferred leisure activities among Chinese consumers. Over 40 percent of those surveyed, have recently received inquiries from consumers on outbound travel products. From May to June 2020, nearly 60 percent stated that their clients are interested in travel products as well as, actively buying pre-sale travel products.

Asked about the average annual spending of Chinese households in the next year: 60 percent of those surveyed estimate the spending between USD700 to 2,800; 24 percent expect it to be between USD2,800 to 7,060; while 10.5 percent think, it might be less then USD700; and 5.5 percent believe will be more than USD7,060.

While the latest statistics on China’s travel market during holiday season shows strong consumer demand and restored confidence in travel.

Statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism show, that during the public holidays from May 1 to 5 this year, all nationwide destinations welcomed a total of 115 million visits and generated domestic travel-related revenue of USD6.79 billion.

The report is based on a survey among 200 Chinese outbound travel agencies and travel companies, including interviews with several industry experts. The report is a yearly publication, updating global travel suppliers and Chinese buyers with the latest needs of the Chinese travel market in order, to get best prepared to restart travel business in China.

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