Japan Takes Top Spot as Most Searched Destination Globally

Press Room > 2022

As travel restrictions officially lift in Japan, Agoda search data shows a surge of 16.5 times which is more than 1500 percent in searches for travel to Japan, taking  the country to the top searched destination and; representing the largest search uptick Agoda has recorded with any border reopening to-date.

Before the pandemic, Japan has captured the hearts of many as the travel destination of choice and travellers, have been eager to revisit the unique culture and authentic experiences the nation has to offer.

While Japanese travellers may be slower to pick up their bags and head out into the world, the industry is optimistic about Japan’s travel resurgence. Although locals are seen to practice more caution but, there is a general sense of optimism.

Domestic travel however, shows no signs of abating with Agoda noting a 135 percent increase, year to-date, in domestic travel searches as compared to 2019. To further aid in the rejuvenation of the domestic hospitality industry, Agoda is partnering with the Japanese government’s ‘Travel Support’ campaign to help drive traffic to local businesses nationwide in far reaching prefectures.

In the meantime, South Korea (#1), Hong Kong (#2) and Taiwan (#3) are the markets most keen, to head back to Japan. Mostly, the top ten inbound markets are dominated by Southeast Asian markets with Thailand (#4) and Singapore (#5) leading the charge, closely followed by Malaysia (#7), Indonesia (#9) and Philippines (#10).

Rounding up the two ten inbound markets are the United States number six and Australia eight.