Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Successfully Rearranges Events at its Venue

Press Room > 2020

The Centre’s team has been consistently communicating and working closely with clients to reschedule a large number of meetings and events that have been impacted by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. As a result of which 66 of events at the Centre, has been postponed to the latter half of 2020.

According to the Centre, of importance is to assist loyal clients’ especially international associations, to find mutually suitable dates in the calendar to maintain their meetings in Malaysia.

Also mentioned in the press release issued by the Centre, it will take into account of the new operational requirement pertaining to hygiene, social distancing and virtual events so clients, are able to conduct their meetings, with peace of mind while, the Centre provides a suitable environment for continuity in business.

“COVID-19 has presented all of us with many unique challenges, but we are remaining as flexible and resilient as possible, working very hard and closely with all our recurrent and potential new clients to ensure that every event at our venue is a success,” said Alan Pryor, general manager of the Centre.