Malaysia is Hong Kong’s 8th Biggest Trading Partner

Press Room > 2018

In the first half of 2018, the total trade value is estimated to be over USD 13 billion with total export value to Malaysia at USD 2 billion; and total import value from Malaysia, is over USD 11 billion.  This was shown in a presentation by Hoh Jee Eng of Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s director in Malaysia during a luncheon for the press organised by HKTDC.

Every year HKDC organises more than 30 exhibitions and trade fairs of international level.  It ranges from jewellery, premium gifts, electronics, watch and clock, lighting and wine and spirits. Between 2017 and 2018, it was recorded that there were 39,000 exhibitors and over 750,000 buyers to these exhibitions and trade fairs organised by HKTDC. Out of these, 1,000 exhibitors are from ASEAN member countries with over 36,000 buyers. The figures indicate there is a keenness among buyers to explore business opportunities through HKTDC exhibitions platform.

According to HKTDC Malaysia director Hoh Jee Eng, it is popular among business people in Malaysia, to visit trade fairs in Hong Kong to source for products such as optical wares, electronic parts, watch and clocks among others.  She has over the years, arranged a number of visits of buyers from Malaysia to exhibitions and trade fairs by HKTDC. Hong Kong remains a favourite destination among Malaysians to visit for business.

Members of the press at the luncheon organised by HKTDC with Hoh Jee Eng, Director, Malaysia HKTDC (4th from left), Dato’ Joseph Lim, Vice President of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (5th from left ) and Julia Douglas, Managing Editor of MICE in Asia.