MCEC and Guides Dogs Victoria Continue Vital Services for People with Low Vision

Press Room > 2020

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has entered into a partnership with Guide Dogs Victoria to ensure people with low vision or blindness in Victoria can continue, to receive essential services during the Covid-19 lockdown.  The venue is being used as a space, for the training of the community organisation’s guide dogs and clients.

MCEC is currently closed to the public. GDV is also faced with significant challenges during this time of adapting to Covid-19 safety protocols and, is finding innovative new ways to continue, providing vital services to people with low vision or blindness in Victoria.

Through this initiative, MCEC is providing an environment that is safe, contained, accessible and free of charge for GDV to continue indoor and outdoor training, in compliance with government restrictions.

Guide Dogs Victoria’s CEO, Karen Hayes AM said the collaboration with MCEC had made a significant difference to GDV being able to continue delivering its services during these challenging times.

GDV’s mobility instructors and clients began training at the centre in September.  It will continue to use the venue as a place for training while space at the centre is not in use.