MICE Experiential Visit of Korea

Press Room > 2018

Media professionals from Asia, Europe and United States invited by Korea Tourism for five days to tour Seoul, Incheon and Busan. The itinerary of the trip designed for the media representatives to visit some unique venues in Korea and experience the authentic culture and the history of the country.

Stepping back in time to the glorious days of the royal palace of the Joseon dynasty, the Gyeongbokgung Palace is located in northern Seoul and was built in 1395 is now a place of interest for tourists.

Introduction to Korean cuisine at Korea House which was opened in 1981, with the building of the restaurant created in the traditional architecture of the Gyeongbok Palace.  Menu of the restaurant are of royal cuisine with dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.  Cultural shows and performing arts are regularly held at the Korea House’s traditional theatre.

A walkabout at the Gyeongdong Market where, vendors sell fresh produce, seafood, meat and herbal goods – a feast for the eyes with the background sound of buyers haggling over prices, and smell of local ingredients that go to cooking Korean food.

Spiritual visit to the Haedongyonggungsa Temple located in the north eastern coast of Busan. The only temple in Korea that is located in the shore line, as most are in the mountains. It was built in 1376 by the Buddhist teacher Naong during the Goryeo Dynasty.

A unique venue just outside of Seoul, the Gwangmyeong Cave was formerly a mine where gold, silver and bronze were found.  It is now a large theme park with underground passages leading to: an aqua world of fishes showcased in glass aquariums; a wine cave of 170 types of wine from around South Korea and a café: with attractions such as, Wormhole Square of light shows on the cave walls; Golden Road where you can leave messages of long life and happiness on “gold” wall hangings; and among others a path leading to a horror experience of ghoulish sculptures.

Other activities during the tour include rolling up our sleeves to make Makgeolli face mask of fermented rice wine and preparing local sweet delicacies at the OME Cooking Lab.

Site inspection conducted: in Busan, Nurimaru APEC House, the Bay 101, Busan Cinema Centre and Hilton Ananti Cove; while in Incheon attended the Korea MICE Expo 2018 at Incheon’s Songdo ConvensiA Convention Centre; a briefing at G Tower on the Incheon Smart City; and in Seoul visited the Seoul Dragon City at Novotel Suites Hotel.