MyCEB Forges a Collaboration with BESarawak Considered to be of a Major Significance in the Business Events Industry in Malaysia

Press Room > 2021

The collaboration was established during a road show ’Meet in Malaysia @ Sarawak’ held in Kuching in conjunction with the launch of the city, as a member of the Hybrid City Alliance.

‘Meet in Malaysia’ campaign is MyCEB’s brainchild to captivate engagement with the national business events industry and powering its move to support recovery efforts.

While the inclusion of Kuching in the Alliance is expected, to create, new value proposition for business events planners in Sarawak, and increase Sarawak’s destination appeal.

Joining the Hybrid City Alliance is also said to be a strong point for Sarawak government’s Post Covid Development Strategy 2030 which identify digital transformation as a means, to expedite economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

To date, Sarawak has secured 105 business events worth approximately RM332.1 million in total economic impact of which RM20 million in tax revenue and 26,354 jobs.

Since 2010 until 2020, MyCEB has supported 86 events for Sarawak, bringing in over 40,000 delegates which have contributed RM457.0 million in estimated economic impact. Under the ‘Meet in Malaysia’ campaign since its launch on  July 24 last year, the campaign has supported four events that will be held in Sarawak, expecting 2,600 delegates and contributing to RM26.9 million in estimated economic impact

MyCEB became a member of the Hybrid City Alliance in December 2020which it intends, through the partnership, offer solutions for national and international events taking place across cities in the country.