Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Released Guidelines for MICE Event Organizers on Infectious Disease Control

Press Room > 2020

MICE event organizers when hosting events in Osaka are encouraged to use these guidelines and at the same time, incorporate infectious disease risk mitigation in their event planning and management.

The guidelines cover items to be implemented before the event and after. Published in a booklet available in English and Japanese; it includes policies and structures for infectious disease control, collaborative preparation with venues and associate companies, spreading awareness to event attendees, maintaining hygienic environment and how to prevent close spaces in crowded places and managing close-contact settings.

It was formulated beginning of April this year.  According to the bureau, consideration has been taken from the voices of MICE organizers in Osaka and related industries, resumption of MICE activities from around the world as well as, government policies in putting together these guidelines.

The bureau however will revise the guidelines along the lines of the latest situation of the pandemic and through monitoring the reopening of the MICE industry worldwide.