PATA Releases 39 Destination-Specific Forecast Reports

Press Room > 2020

The reports delve in the changing dynamics of travel and tourism in the specific destination across the Asia Pacific region with individual forecasts based on: annual visitor arrivals into each destination by source market; annual arrivals from the destination across other Asia Pacific destinations; and aggregate visitor receipts where data availability allows.

In addition, each report also estimates the income and price elasticity of tourism demand highlighting some key visitor trends over the forecast period and analyses, on scheduled inbound flights and seats. Each factor describes in detail how demand preferences are shifting across the Asia Pacific region.

PATA’s chief executive officer, Dr. Mario Hardy stated that the world is data-driven and it is the focus on hard data that will, offer a significant advantage to destinations that can best identify, and cater to source markets that will be the first to travel again once, the current pandemic is brought under control.

He further said, “Budgets are likely to be very tight in the near-term, so a strong alignment of activity directed toward those source markets with the strongest potential for conversion to travel, will be essential.”

Knowing those markets according to Dr. Hardy, when they are likely to rebound with travel, will be critical in delivering cost-effective results. The income and price elasticity as shown in the reports for many of the source markets will, be an important factor in this regard he added.

PATA Strategic Intelligence Centre has updated series of destination reports which are designed to present insights into the ever-present shifts and changes that occur in the travel and tourism sector and in such a way that strategic actions, can be better facilitated.