Sarawak is On the Way to Recovery with its Four-Phase Roadmap

Press Room > 2021

The state, has just entered phase two of the roadmap, and anticipate entering phase three by the end of August, with the reopening of domestic travel activities. The state aims to restart tourism and business events in Sarawak by the fourth quarter of this year.

“The prospect of reopening Sarawak for tourism and business events is high. This is a timely development as the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia is implementing the Covid-19 Free Destination Programme which, would enable main tourism and business events cities to reopen once, the targeted herd immunity of 80 percent  is achieved,” said Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri.

She added that business events will be one of the Ministry’s main focuses during Malaysia’s phase three of the National Recovery Plan.

From the business events industry perspective, the development quoted Amelia Roziman, chief executive officer of Business Events Sarawak is much awaited news for business events players in the state, and is a step closer to restarting.

To date, Sarawak has achieved 70 percent of the recovery plan for business events, with updated standard operating procedures and improved incentivised packaging alongside with creative marketing and promotional materials.

It was estimated that 2,000 of Sarawak’s tourism and business events industry front liners, were fully vaccinated against covid-19 during the final phase of the Industrial covid-19 vaccination programme which began from July 15 to July 18 this year, at the Association of Churches of Sarawak in the capital city Kuching.