Thailand Bids for World Expo 2020

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The team from the Thailand Conference and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB as it is better known, are working hard towards promoting the country as the next destination for the World Expo in 2020. After the recent troubles in the country, the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva showed great initiative by immediately announcing that Thailand would most definitely bid for the 2020 World Expo. Bidding starts in 2011 for this prestigious world event which will next be held in Milan, 2015. Thailand’s 2020 bid is already in a state of preparation with a number of cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mei, Chiang Rei and Ayudhya (Ayutthaya) are in the running. These

cities are currently being evaluated finalisation will be in early 2011 where the formal bid be made in mid 2011. Other Countries who are also bidding are Los Angeles, Huston, San Francisco, Manila, Dubai, Brazil, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Details and progress of Thailand’s bid can be monitored at

TCEB team members have begun actively organising familiarisation tours among international MICE and travel media writers to visit the facilities of the key cities and experience its hospitality. MICE in Asia representatives together with media members from Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Shanghai, Taiwan and United Kingdom were invited to tour Bangkok and Pattaya.

Before the tour began, a press conference and video presentation were held in Bangkok, where media members were briefed on Thailand’s latest marketing campaign on’ Believe in Thailand’ by the TCEB team.

TCEB has been in existence for about seven years. It was established in 2004 and has continuously been serving Thailand’s MICE and tourist industry. It is now under the presidency of Akapol Sorasuchart, and is entering a new chapter in the development of Thailand MICE which comprises of the concept of win, promote and develop that has been adopted as a strategy in the new white paper – which is the roadmap and reference for the government of Thailand and TCEB.

The core inspiration is business proposals for events and conferences to be held in a country with an unparalleled backdrop of beauty and legendary hospitality. Proposal and bids for golf tourneys and exhibitions form a key have become increasingly popular in Thailand. This is borne out in the Connections –Plus video presentation which contained testaments of many famous golfing Icons and participants of many successful events.

Sports authority of Thailand is also weighing in with support and assistance to event organisers and planners. With very competitive room rates in the range $150-$250 compared to say somewhere like Singapore where $300 is more the norm – Thailand really has much to offer. TCEB is determined to entertain and meet your event requirements.

While market trends in Thailand, suggest an increase in flights into the country, with November to February being the high season. At the same time, TCEB is also active in providing fast track immigration clearance facilities at the international Airport, to promote and assist with the bidding process especially medical conventions. Whilst the American market is still important, there has been a reduction of business from that segment. TCEB is planning more road shows to address and arrest this decline. Meanwhile flights from Russia into Pattaya are on the increase.

The European market is still in focus, but the Euro slowdown has affected numbers coming to Pattaya. The Taiwan market in Thailand is represented by the business and finance sectors.

TCEB carefully monitors trends in event profiles, and has been able to target emerging markets, for example on IT, medical, banking and pharmaceutical. While the Russian MICE Industry is still developing, the sub continents of India and Korea are proving to be major business tourism markets of Thailand. India indeed has become a big client for traditional Indian weddings where many guests, families and friends attend in block bookings. The China market is forecast to swell to 4,000 next year. Last year alone there were about 3,000 MICE participants from China.

The TCEB team is very much into doing a great job on their bids and we at MICE in Asia wish them every success.