Third Edition of the Incheon International Youth Media Conference in Korea

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Journalists from around the world mainly from Asia, Central Asia and Russia, gathered in Korea for the 3rd Incheon International Youth Media Conference with this year’s theme: Media and Peace. Incheon was selected to host the conference due to the city’s development as a rising economic hub in the Korean Peninsula.  The city is considered as the gateway to Korea through its free economic zone status with the country’s main international airport located here. Incheon has also the second largest sea port in Korea.

Incheon Free Economic Zone is a new growth engine for the country with future cities being developed in the districts of Songdo, Yeongjong and Cheongna. Among which, Songdo has emerged as a new smart city built from a reclaimed land of 600 hectares is now home to several international organisations.

The one-day conference discusses on safety issues of reporters in conflict areas with Ms. Young me Kim from South Korea spoke about her experience reporting from the Middle East; while Ms. Nou Maneth Athana from Cambodia gave her take as a journalist, on peace in the Korean Peninsula; with Ms. Aizan Kazakbaeva of the Kyrgz Republic on what the media should aim for in the change in North Korea.

Topics covered range from covering ethics and boundaries of reporters in conflict area, reality and safety issues at the conflict area, the current 155 miles military demarcation line in the Korean Peninsula and new hope with invited speakers  from the academia, journalists and professional photographer Mr. BK Choi who presented his collection of photographs taken at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

The conference was hosted by the Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Tourism Organization and Gyeong-in Broadcasting Co. Ltd which took place from August 29 to 31 at the Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo.