Another Successful Conclusion of the IT&CMA & CTW Asia Pacific

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The three-day IT&CMA and CTW ended on September 29 with over 10,000 business appointments on the show floor. This is the 24th event held and is said to to be one of the best shows yet according to attendees. Delegates across the board complimented this year’s highlights which included quality exhibitor showcase and buyer profiles with excellent knowledge opportunities and conducive networking platforms.

For the Monaco Government Tourist Bureau who is exhibiting for the first time, has seen a lot of energy at the show, and the selection of international buyers is amazing, said Benoit Badufle, the Regional Director Asia.  The bureau is promoting Monaco as a luxury travel destination and had managed to garner some valuable contacts and buyers.

At the same time, the show’s education programme’s focus, depth and poignant topics as well as, relevant speakers drew nods from attending delegates. As the industry continues to evolve and attract a demographic of veterans and new-comers to the trade, participants at the conference and knowledge sessions concurred that the learning experience are evidenced that the show’s organisers have their pulse on the marketplace.

While the  most anticipated event of the last day was the 15th Sticky Awards Ceremony that celebrated the efforts of exhibitors, corporates, buyers and corporate travel managers who stood out amongst participants at the show.

This year, Korea took home two of the 12 awards for Stickiest Marketing and Gold for the Stickiest National Booth. Among the other winners to name a few are: TCEB for the Stickiest Function in hosting the Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception; Philippines (Stickiest National Booth, Silver); Thailand (Stickiest National Booth, Bronze); Thai Airways (Stickiest Corporate Booth, Gold); and Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Stickiest Social Sharing).