Inter-Hash 2012 at Borobudur

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This year marked the 18th Inter-Hash run and about 4,800 participants descended on the city of Magelang for the twice yearly meet. Magelang is one of six cities in Central Java and is home to two world famous ancient sites – the Buddhist ninth century temple Borobudur and Prambanan, a Hindu temple of the tenth century.

On the first night, Harriers and Harriets from Hash Houses of about 45 countries, gathered at the campound of the Prambanan temple for the opening ceremony of the Inter-Hash. Festivities began with traditional dance performance and speeches by the Governor of Central Java and Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. The evening also coincided with the launching of ‘Visit Central Java 2013’.

Next day, the Inter-Hash began with a start-walk of 3.42 kilometres which was headed by the President of Indonesia, Bapak Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and he was accompanied by the First Lady of Indonesia, Ibu Ani Yudhoyono followed by other Hashers.

The overall run of the event, covered 17 routes of natural terrain of villages in Magelang which was rather challenging. It included a walk along the narrow stream of a river, climb a mountain which is said to resemble a reclining Buddha and passing through rice fields which has a breathtaking backdrop of the Borobudur Temple.