International Buyers See Uptrend in Demand for the Greater China Region – IT&CM China Buyer Registrations Reach All-Time High

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Registrations for IT&CM China have risen in recent months leading up to the international MICE event in China. Spurred by growing interest in international buying demand for China and the other destinations in the Greater China region, IT&CM China is experiencing its largest record of buyer registrations in its eight year history.

German buyer Bernd Maesse, Managing Director of Maesse Marketing Consulting Limited estimates that, the total volume of MICE business that he will be buying into China this year alone, will reach some 1 million Euros. “As China is the number one trading partner in Asia for Germany, the destination, will be the most important MICE destination in the region for us and our clients.”

Meanwhile Shital Rajan, president and chief executive officer, Meeting and Incentive Department of Air Safety Equipment Inc. USA, expects an increase of at least 10 to 12 percent for their incentive and meeting programmes in China. “Our experience with incentive programs, meetings and new product launches in China, has been extremely successful and popular. The destination has become very important for my clients in the advanced aircraft industry.”

The region is also on the top of the list for many other end-user clients across diverse industries including automotive, agricultural, computer hardware, construction engineering, fashion and lifestyle, finance and insurance, manufacturing, software technology, steel and production, and pharmaceuticals.

Rachel Dobbs, manager of Global Accounts of Helmsbriscoe, USA, attributes this uptrend in China’s popularity to the growing partnerships between Chinese companies and foreign companies. She elaborates, “Whenever there is an increase in such collaborations, those industries are going to see a growth in the number of foreign companies bringing their meetings, conventions and programs there. As such, I think that China is going to be popular for educational trainings, and for organisations and associations that have growing numbers of members and constituents who are China based.”

Buyers of IT&CM has showed continued interest in popular cities within China and the Greater China region including Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Sanya, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Up and coming destinations such as Dalian, Fujian, Guilin, Guizhow, Hunan, Tianjin, Tibet, Xian and Yunan are already on the radar of attending IT&CM China buyers from Europe and America.

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