Jands Vista

Malaysia’s premier convention centre sets new benchmark in lighting AV facility

In keeping with its reputation as one of Asia’s most technologically-advanced and purpose-built facilities for conventions, exhibitions, entertainment and private functions, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) has equipped itself with a state-of-the-art lighting console from Australia as part of its audio visual (AV) facilities. Laura Lee and Anthony Tan check thishigh-tech equipment at the KLCC.

The state-of-the-art Jands Vista console.

Known as the Jands Vista T4, this flagship console of Jands Pty Ltd., is part of the convention centre’s latest RM3 million (US$815,000) investment in AV equipment. This is on top of the initial RM20 million that the convention centre has already spent on AV when it first opened. Its operations director Adam Mather-Brown told Mice in Asia in an interview:

“The fundamental decision was not to spend all the money during its opening in June 2005. We expect to recover our return on investment for this new equipment within a year,” said Mather-Brown, the former operations manager

of Cape Town International Centre, whose experience also saw him establishing the operations department of South Africa’s Durban Convention Centre in 1997.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Jands Vista T4 is said to be the first such console to be installed in Malaysia. Currently, 150 such consoles have been installed worldwide, including countries such as Australia and South Africa.

Mather-Brown said the console had been used on several occasions. These include when the Indian and Pakistan cricket teams were in Kuala Lumpur and during the Organisation of Islamic Conference meeting held at the convention centre in August 2006.

Companies such as ExxonMobil have also made use of this multitasking lighting console for their events. At the touch of a tablet pen, the console can integrate sound and lighting, like cueing them to start or change at the desired moment.

Mather-Brown elaborated, “The Jands Vista T4 allows us to easily customise music and lighting to match the theme. If need be, extra props and decorations can be incorporated. Wherever possible, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre works closely with the event planners in the design and implementation of their events.”

The convention centre has developed eight themes – jazz, rock, Hollywood, Cityscape, futuristic, nature, Malaysiana and tropical forest – for its clients to choose from. These themes are accompanied by complementary backdrop settings and props that are supported by customised sound and lighting.

According to its AV consultant Ian Blackburn, “The ready availability of everything that goes into a themed gathering makes for a much faster and more efficient way of personalising an event. Be it a conference, product launch, fashion show, cocktail reception or concert, the desired effect can be guaranteed.”

The sophisticated Jands Vista T4 has replaced touch screens, tables ofs numbers and deeply-embedded menus with a window-based screen and a pen tablet. This combination, coupled with its simple, easy-to-use visual interface, is said to make it the first console to allow lighting designs to be “built” visually on one screen.

Besides its totally new approach to the user interface, this top-end console is also easy to use. Its introduction of a “timeline” provides the complete picture and total control of any lighting event. You do not need to play or replay entire sequences just to locate a small
problem. Its generic fixture model removes all the hassles of changing fixtures and the time-consuming task of reprogramming a whole instruction set each time there is a change in fixtures.

Another significant feature about Jands Vista T4 is its pre-programming function, which has helped reduce the coordination time between the sound and lighting technicians. It means less time is also required to rehearse pre-programme sound and lighting movements and for the client, savings in terms of time and cost.

By reducing dependency on the human factor, this powerful lighting console has also helped to minimise human errors. Jands Vista T4 has been designed to simplify the relationship between the lighting designer or operator and the rig, which has often been strained in the past with the proliferation of moving lights and programming have gone over their time limits.

Adam Mather-Brown, Operations Director, KLCC.

Other features of the console include its red “sump” that houses the central processing unit at the rear, which holds the connections such as the mains, MIDI, SMPTE, DMX, USB, Ethernet, audio and external monitor. Besides the two USB ports in the rear, you can also find another inside its armrest cavity. There is also a compact disc writer to back up your show.