Malaysia Airports Celebrate its 10th Anniversary of Operating KL International Airport.

If you are flying into Kuala Lumpur, what strikes you most will be the ultra-modern KL International Airport at Sepang or KLIA as it’s known. The airport is a destination by itself, consisting of the Main Terminal and the Satellite Building where everything is available from a place to conduct your meetings to accommodation, relaxation and entertainment.

The airport is surrounded by four main cities namely Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Seremban and Malacca. KLIA is also close to Malaysia’s administrative capital, the Putrajaya, which is about 20 minutes away. The area of which the airport is situated is a hive of business activities, yet Malaysia Airports has managed to create a homely airport with a serene environment combined with high technology. Nature and greenery are part of the airport in line with the “airport in the forest and forest in the airport” concept.

Located within the Satellite Building of KLIA are the 80-room Airside Transit Hotel and the 441-room five-star hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Both hotels are within walking distance of the airport Terminal Building.

Today after 10 years in operation, Malaysia Airports who manages the airport enters 2008 with pride, as it celebrates the anniversary of its flagship airport. With the expertise of Malaysia Airports, the company has managed to enhance the position and image of KLIA as one of the best airports worldwide, an achievement not many airports across the world could claim in merely 10 years of operation. KLIA was twice voted as the World’s Best Airport in 2005 and 2006, which was a testament to the quality of services and facilities offered at this airport.

As a tribute to KLIA’s 10th anniversary, Malaysia Airports launched the ‘KLIA 10th Anniversary’ campaign, where an array of festivities will take place throughout the year. To mark this milestone, there is the KLIA 10thAnniversary Campaign logo. The logo is derived from the KLIA Tower which is visually presented by the number ‘1’. KLIA Tower is currently the tallest airport control tower in the world. The number ‘0’ is derived from the upper view of the central hub of KLIA’s Satellite Building. There is also a theme song, entitled ‘Soaring High’ praising KLIA’s 10 year journey and the feeling of ‘coming home’ that KLIA is famous for. The song is available in both the national language, of Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Dato Sri Chan Kong Choy, Malaysia’s Minister of Transport has this to say of the anniversary, “It is indeed encouraging to watch KLIA blossom throughout these 10 years to become one of the most well-known airports in the world. I have no doubt that KLIA will continue to evolve and maintain its position among the best in the world.”

Malaysia’s KLIA began operation in 1998 and was built at a cost of RM9 billion. The number of passengers handled by this airport steadily grew to 26 million passengers in 2007. It is estimated that the capacity of KLIA can be expanded to handle 100 million passengers per year. A total of seven new airlines made its presence in KLIA in the year 2007, and now the airport houses 53 international airlines, and the number is predicted to grow further this year. Malaysia Airports is the operator and manager of Malaysia’s 39 airports which comprises international, domestic and Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) airports.

An extension of KLIA services is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal KLIA (LCCT-KLIA), which commenced operation in 2006, won the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Low Cost Airport of the Year. This terminal will be expanded to enable it to cater for 15 million passengers, compared to the current 10 million passengers. LCCT-KLIA will also have a food garden which will be situated next to the terminal.