Putrajaya – Malaysia’s First Intelligent Garden City

This city which was developed in 1995 and completed three years later marks a new chapter in the history of modern city planning in Malaysia. Putrajaya is the administrative capital of the federal government of Malaysia, and is situated within the Multimedia Super Corridor or MSC. A model garden city with a sophisticated information network based on multimedia technologies.

The task of creating the new city was handed to Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd. The master developer was incorporated to undertake the project. The first privatised government real estate development in the country. Within 36 months of the ground breaking Putrajaya emerged as a well-planned city with iconic buildings and lovely homes amidst parks, gardens and landscaping. A comprehensive network of roads makes it easily accessible within the city and connects Putrajaya to the more populous centres of the nation. Putrajaya is also a modern city with the latest in telecommunications, public amenities and utilities.

Today, more than half of the 4,931 hectare development has been completed which consists mainly of government buildings and housing. Putrajaya Holdings is now concentrating on developing the residential and commercial components with the Central Business District (CBD) on the core island offering premium office and retail space.

Most of the residential homes are developed according to precincts and a total of 67,000 homes are planned for the city. Early this year, Putrajaya Holdings launched its latest housing project at precinct 18 based on the concept of a ‘resort garden’. With many of the houses surrounding the Putrajaya lake. The lakeside homes on offer are semi detached and terrace homes spaciously built from 2,420 sq ft to 3,410 sq ft. Residential areas are supported by parks, schools, shopping malls, golf courses and an integrated public transport system – all planned to provide a “live-work” environment.

The Putrajaya lake is a distinctive feature of the city. It measure 650 hectares and is actually a catchment of the existing wetlands which spans across the city’s landscape. Here cruise services are available for a sightseeing tour by traditional Malay perahu boats or air-conditioned cruise boats which also include dining experience. Other tours are the love boat ride, cocktail cruise, tea cruise, lakeside dinner, party and private boat charter for events and functions.

Over the years too, this administrative capital has become a popular tourist destination, as well as a venue for MICE. The Putrajaya International Convention Centre of PJICC located on a hill top has hosted several international conferences and events. Accommodation are provided by hotels such as the Marriot, Palm Garden Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel which have deemed fit to set up their hospitality business in this city.

There is also a growing academic community in Putrajaya. The Nexus World School Putrajaya is within the diplomatic precinct. Levels of education available are kindergarten, primary, secondary which advances to the international Baccalaureate levels or British curriculum. A proposed residential hall at the school is now being built and the first borders of about 400 students are expected in September 2009.

Putrajaya is located about 25 km from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and the KL International Airport (KLIA). It is served by an efficient public transport system including express busses, taxis, express rail link and commuter rail services, and via various highways.

It is expected in the next few years for Putrajaya to become more than just a government city as it accelerates the pace of residential and commercial development, eventually creating a sustainable living and working environment on par with other planned administrative cities in the world.