Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Launches Innovative Solution for Clients – Coincides With Global Meetings Industry Day

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The Centre marked the fourth annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) by launching its new Exhibition Service Centre (ESC) – a portal which enables event organisers and their exhibitors’ easy access to a variety of add-on services to order for their events such as audio visual, food and beverage, and IT equipment.

It is a fully customisable portal where the Centre is able to provide tailor-made links and landing pages to suit particular event requirements for each organiser. At the same time, the organiser and their exhibitors, are able to track their orders through the portal that also streamlines all data entry and payment process to avoid any confusion or accidental registration of additional services at the wrong events.

“The 24/7 ESC portal, now allows exhibitors at the Centre to place their orders and pay online in their own time at any time minimising hassle. It is especially beneficial for international participants as they don’t have to worry about time differences,” said John Burke, the Centre’s deputy general manager.  “It provides exhibitors with the capability to book their additional services directly with the Centre significantly reducing the workload of the event organiser, allowing them, to focus on improving the content and participation in their events. This in turn, benefits the exhibitors. It is about making it easy for our customers.”

Initially ESC will be an order portal which at a later stage, the Centre plans to expand to include a communication and collaboration interface for example, floor plans, orders, contracts will all be accessible in one place.