Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Welcomes the Return of International Events

Press Room > 2022

As Malaysia opens up its international borders, the country’s premier business events venue, look forward to hosting events with over 20 high-profile international events scheduled to be held between now till December out of which, 10 are on conventions and 13 exhibitions.

“We have recently hosted a few site-visits for upcoming international conferences and are, currently focused on helping our clients, event organisers, visitors and guests safely and comfortably transition into organising and attending physical meetings and events. While the standard operating procedures are more relaxed now, our priority on safety and hygiene remains,” explained Mr. Alan Pryor, general manager of the Centre.

Mr. Pryor further commented with the shrinking of the overall business pie, competition is stiffer and price wars more aggressive and Malaysia he added, needs to have compelling policies and strategies to capitalise on the destination’s attractive proposition. This he said, is to set itself apart from neighbouring competitors and help entice more international events.

Upcoming international events which the Centre will be hosting are:  International Congress on Infectious Diseases; International Conference on Tropical Agriculture; International Geo Science and Remote Sensing Symposium; Asia Turbo Machinery and Pump Symposium; 3rd Asia Optometric Congress, International Medical Exhibition and Conference; International Café and Beverage Show; Control World Expo, Oil and Gas Asia; and International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition.