MACEOS Now has Directory of Industry Players in Malaysia

Press Room > 2011

The Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS) has produced a directory of relevant MICE support services and on convention and exhibition facilities available in the country. Generally, it will be a useful reference guide for people in the MICE industry . Also in the directory is information of international congresses coming to Malaysia where it can be used as a reference to source suppliers for any kind of events.

Currently MACEOS which has been in existence since 1990 has more than 60 industry members. They are mainly exhibition and conference organisers, contractors, suppliers, freight forwarders, tour operators and venue providers.

Apart from the publication of this directory, MACEOS has organised familiarisation trip to other cities in the country to help build the industry outside Kuala Lumpur, provide skills training to raise the standard of the industry within the country, and host awards night to recognise the work and initiative of its members. For more information on MACEOS, you can go to