Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) Introduces the National Corporate Ethics Awards

Press Room > 2015

One of Malaysia’s longest established trade associations formed in 1837 has been a staunch supporter of the best ethical standards in business. At the same time, MCCI has also developed, and promoted its own Code of Business Conduct for adoption by its members, who may not already have their own established code. “The award is the first of such undertaken by the private sector for ethical business to recognise companies, who stand out as the best models of governance and anti corruption excellence,” said the president of MICCI, Simon Whitelaw at a press conference to launch the award.

Working together with the global organisation, Ethical Alliance as the knowledge partner, the award recognises businesses which exemplify a strong commitment to business excellence and to the highest standards of civic and social responsibilities, integrity, compliance and ethical conduct in Malaysia. According to a statement by MICCI, introducing this national corporate ethics award is a move by Chamber of Commerce, to be more proactive in the engagement of corporate ethics development in the country.

The Chamber of Commerce has close to 1,000 corporate members that represent not only Malaysia, but over 30 countries. It is also widely recognised in the country, as one of the most active advocates for the business community.