MICE in Asia Participated in the 5th ITE MICE 2010

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E & MICE is known for its international profile of exhibitors. This year, the total number of exhibitors of the exhibition increased 2.5% to 625. They came from 46 countries and regions, with 16 of them from Asia, 13 from Europe, 5 from the Middle East, and the rest from Africa, Americas, Oceania, and the Pacific.

Amid uncertainties in the world economy, the 24th edition of ITE and the 5th edition of ITE MICE were held successfully. There were more exhibitors, more trade and public visitors, and a recorded number of newly participating countries and regions. Also new were a Geo-park theme pavilion on eco-tourism, and several new official participations and pavilions by tourism authorities mostly from Europe and the Middle East.

The number of trade and corporate buyers and visitors including those from local, mainland China and abroad rose by 2% to 11,464, pre-registrations for all corporate travel seminars 35% to around 1,200, while training seminar by the Asia cruise association was 50% over-subscribed. Public visitors this year increased by 7% to 68,900. Findings of previous surveys indicate some 70% of all public visitors preferred traveling in FIT.