MITEC Shifts Perceptions of Meeting Venue’s Food and Beverage Offerings

Press Room > 2019

Taking the cue from global food trend of the ‘click plate’ of sharing food pictures, Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre incorporates Instagram-worthy food presentation and culinary display taking you on a palate adventure. MITEC began the year by bringing the significance of the hashtag #myfoodmalaysia into its food and beverage offerings through its brand #justdifferent.

Crafted to specification, the MITEC team is showcasing their bold move and expertise through the Flying Lunch Stall concept: whereby all cutlery and utensils are disposable and recyclable; colourful seasonal fruits themed for a healthier, refreshing and eye-teasing coffee break; and, a dining dessert bar on the table – presented by the MITEC’s award-winning pastry chef David Auyong.

Visitors can also savour MITEC’s signature colourful giant doughnut and assorted long baguette sandwiches of at least 120 inch long.

“This time, we are shifting perceptions of what people expect from meeting spaces,” explained the man behind the latest culinary creations at Malaysia’s largest trade and exhibition centre, executive chef, Chiew Chee Mun.

According to the executive chef MITEC’s food and beverage offerings, have moved from large-scale pre-packaged food of standard buffet offerings to individual portioning. Local cuisines are introduced with fusion elements in the dishes, but the ingredients are locally sourced with Malaysian cooking style.