PATA Forecasts Asia Pacific Visitors for 2022 to Increase and Gaining in Strength to 2024

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The travel association predicts annual changes in international visitor arrivals across the region, to turn positive versus 2021 IVAs under each of the mild, medium, and severe scenarios in 2021. This in its report recently released, with growth rates ranging between 126 percent and 84 percent.

The increase in the absolute number of international visitor arrivals is predicted therefore to range from 72.5 million to 175.7 million under the severe and mild scenarios – lifting the total volume of visitor arrivals to between 159 million and 315 million.

According to the report, while it is a positive and welcome development after two years of extremely difficult conditions, the international travel and tourism sector of the Asia Pacific region has still much to repair and revitalise.

The forecasted increases in inbound visitor numbers in 2022 for example, will only return from 23 to 45 percent of the level of foreign arrivals received in pre-pandemic 2019.

Destinations across Asia Pacific have been highly focused on implementing health and safety measures.  In parallel, various research studies and early travel patterns indicate a heightened consumer interest in a pivot to the right side of travel – longer journeys, more authentic experiences, and nature-based, wellness-oriented, and socially-conscious travel offerings are amongst the key trends for today’s travellers,” said PATA’s chief executive officer Ms. Liz Ortiguera.

She further added destinations can expedite their recovery by staying top-of-mind with consumers, communicating requirements with clarity and consistency, and offering a sustainable, healthy destination experience.


The PATA Asia Pacific Visitor Forecasts 2022-2024 full report is now available at