TCEB Highlights Strategic Campaigns to Capture Imagination of International Planners

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During the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s annual event TIME 2019, the bureau announced new campaigns and reiterated existing ones.

TIME to MEET campaign which offers up to 500  baht subsidy per traveller or 500,000 baht per group for companies with MI groups of 50 people or more that stay in Thailand at least three nights.

M & I Reward campaign provides a subsidy from 100,000 to two million baht for customers who hold MI events in Thailand a minimum of three times a year.

ASEAN MaxiMICE campaign has group privileges for 40 people or more from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, who travel on THAI and staying two nights or more in Thailand.

Fly and Meet Double Bonus Redefined campaign is for MI groups of 30 people from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam with a 300,000 baht subsidy for those who travel on Bangkok Airways and staying a minimum of two nights in Thailand. There are also souvenirs, traditional Thai welcome ceremony and MICE lane service as other forms of support.

TIME or Thailand Incentive & Meeting Exchange is an annual event and this year, was held from June 10 to 15 organised through the collaboration with Thai Airways International (THAI), Bangkok Airways and BMW (Thailand) under a ‘Togetherness Concept’.

The event is a joint business strategy that focuses on Asian culture, which generally values companionship and congeniality as a basis for strong business relationships.

In the first half of the 2019 fiscal year (October 2018 to March 2019), overall MICE arrivals for MI events held in Thailand totaled 348,645 – representing 58 percent of overall international MICE visitors – generating approximately 25.7 billion baht for Thailand which is, 57 percent of total MICE revenue.