Tencent Cloud Introduces ‘Lighthouse’ a Server Option for Small and Medium Enterprises

Press Room > 2022

A cloud business of a global technology company Tencent Cloud, is offering a one-stop product that integrates basic cloud services, from computing and storage to network resources. Lighthouse features a set of out-of-the-box app images and preconfigured software stacks for websites, blogs, forums, and other application systems, where users can deploy the apps in seconds.

The new server service has also been created to make the management of cloud servers and applications simple and intuitive with just one-click app. It is also designed to be cost effective for computing, storage, and network resources with high bandwidth and large traffic packages available, making the utilisation of the new product highly cost-effective.  In terms of operation and maintenance, is carried out from a single unified management console from the Lighthouse server.

Currently, Tencent Cloud is one of the world’s fastest-growing cloud companies; and is committed to creating innovative solutions to resolve real-world issues; enabling fast and easy digital transformations for smart industries.